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Attention All BAS Agents!

In the upcoming role of a Not-For-Profit Foundation for Australian business resources, our main objectives are -

  • To initially implement a usergroup category for BAS Agents, by BAS Agents. It embraces aspiring, new and veteran BAS Agents, sharing their stories, experiences, tools and resources
  • To develop and maintain a structured environment that is indexed and categorized for existing (and new) business and government resources
  • To focus primarily on the needs of micro and small to medium sized businesses
  • To help integrate business quickly with information, tools and technologies
  • To listen to the needs of our members, research, understand and address the practical needs of the end-user and the entire spectrum of all the stakeholders involved in the compliance and accountability process of operating a successful business.

Just imagine the benefits of being involved in this unique and very exciting journey from the very beginning. To be kept up to date, please make sure that you are subscribed to our BizResource eNews.  Follow us, we know where you are going...

As we speak this new website is integrating the original resources from usergroup.com.au and in the immediate future we will be updating all external links and related information.  These resources should readily help you and your clients.

We have to date significantly invested time and money to ensure the website is uncluttered and most importantly responsive for any computer, tablet or smartphone.

The Content Management System under the bonnet allows for comprehensive involvement of numerous authors, supervisors and coordinators including a suite of practical applications for realistic growth.

In the meantime, use the feedback link on the right or the Contact Form in the footer to let us know what resources you like, don't like, importantly what's not there that you really need and also things that may not work like you expect them to.


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