BAS AGENT (usergroup)

BAS AGENT (usergroup)

Be part of creating a unique BAS agent environment.
Just imagine the benefits of being involved in this very exciting journey from the very beginning.

1. Registered BAS Agent

Registered BAS Agent

Our very first usergroup category is for BAS agents, by BAS agents.  Our focus is on new and veteran BAS Agents, sharing their stories, experiences, tools and resources when using the myob AccountRight 2018 software. We are also fortunate to have available a unique registered business name BASagent.Biz™ including the Domain Name.  Progressively we will also include employed and self-employed Bookkeepers Working Under the Direction of a Registered BAS Agent.

BAS Services are defined under the Tax Agent Services Act 2009 legislation [TASA2009] which is administered by the Tax Practitioners Board effective from 1 March 2010.

We are looking forward to providing a much needed BAS Agent discussion group and practical environment that allows you the unique opportunity to ask questions in regards to any of the three main topics - Your Practice - Technology - Action Plan. Someone should have the answer and there will also be lots of great resources available that should help you every day, 24/7.  We are excited with the prospect of being able to help you create and shape your own unique business model.

If you work in this professionally accountable industry (including under the direction of a Registered BAS or Tax Agent), then you simply must be involved to keep your finger on the pulse. Keep in mind that your learning's in regards to Practice Management and BAS Services counts towards your Continuing Professional Education with the Tax Practitioners Board.

You can choose to actively participate or at times just sit back and learn from the experience of others, or feel free to jump right in and contribute your experiences. Thank you so very much for your on-going support, patience and understanding while we are preparing what we believe to be an exciting networking environment.

To keep you updated, please Subscribe to our Email List. In the meantime, use the FEEDBACK link on the right or the Contact Web Form link in the Footer to let us know what resources you like, don't like, importantly what's not there that you really need and also things that may not work like you expect them to.

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