We take our web security and your privacy very seriously.  However, this we believe is a 'joint' effort where we both have some shared responsibilities.

Our Responsibility

OUR Responsibility


You may notice in your top browser address bar that the website name starts with https:// and that there is a small lock shown to identify a valid SSL Certificate.  With a left-mouse click on the lock on any website you can quickly confirm that the web domain identity has been verified and is current.  For peace of mind this in effect ensures you that the connection between your computer or device and the https:// website is at an encryption level very similar to what your bank uses and anything information you submit is encrypted and cannot be intercepted by hackers.

IMPORTANT!  Websites have implemented the HTTPS environment for your greater security.  Please be aware that your Internet browser may have increased the security level to deal with non-secure (no SSL) links or content on a secured (with SSL) website. Obviously with our resources we have number of 3rd party external links that open up a new page that are not using the secure HTTPS environment so to this end the browser behaviour is as expected.  You may wish to look at how the mixed secure and non-secure content is dealt with in different browsers:

Further, we subscribe to a domain security firewall application that constantly monitors our web server Content Management System and the database integrity thereby preventing hacker access. The active monitoring of this firewall is identified in the lower right-hand corner with this logo:

Your Responsibility

YOUR Responsibility


The following may be a prudent approach on your part by ensuring that:

  1. Your Operating System and Service Packs on your computer and devices are regularly kept up-to date
  2. You are always using the latest version of your Internet Browser(s)
  3. You have configured your browser settings to delete all cookies and history when the browser is closed
  4. You use the latest Java version (and ensured that all old versions have been uninstalled)
  5. You have an Anti-Virus application installed and that the virus and spyware definitions are kept daily up-to-date
  6. You have a Malware application installed using daily updated software and or database versions which monitors your Internet activity and protects you from malicious web-links and sites
  7. You use complex passwords that cannot be 'guessed' from your public and personal information
  8. You keep your login Username and Password to yourself and that this is not shared with anyone

Thank you for helping to keep the Internet environment safe and secure.